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Design Simulation Technologies (DST) was founded in 2005 with the mission of providing physics based simulation technology to groups of potential users who have not had access to the benefits of this technology due to the high cost or complexity of similar products.

In December 2005, DST acquired certain rights from MSC.Software for the Interactive Physics, Working Model 2D, and Dynamic Designer Motion products. DST has continued to develop, support and sell these products to a worldwide market.

Interactive Physics is used by high schools, colleges, and universities to allow students to visualize and explore physics concepts and to perform virtual physics laboratory experiments on the computer. A large amount of curriculum and laboratory models are included with Interactive Physics.

Working Model 2D is used by colleges and universities in kinematics, dynamics and machine design courses for classroom and homework activities. DST has partnerships with textbook publishers to offer Working Model 2D as a simulator for problems and concepts described in their books.

Working Model 2D is also used in the commercial world to perform kinematic and dynamic simulation of mechanical products by companies whose products are suitable for 2D simulation. Itís simple interface and fast simulation engine allows product concepts to be rapidly validated.

Dynamic Designer Motion is used by companies who use Solid Edge from Siemensí PLM or Inventor from Autodesk as their CAD systems. Dynamic Designer Motion is embedded in these two CAD systems and performs 3D dynamic motion simulation on mechanical parts and assemblies designed in these CAD environments. It allows designs that contain moving parts and assemblies to be validated without leaving the CAD environment.

In 2011 DST acquired certain rights from MSC.Software to its visualNastran 4D product which had been off the market for a number of years. DST updated the product and launched it in 2012 under the SimWise name consisting of three products, SimWise Motion, SimWise FEA, and SimWise 4D.

SimWise is a CAD independent product, with the ability to obtain geometric design data from many different CAD systems, which performs 3D dynamic motion simulation and structural analysis. The 4D product tightly integrates these two technologies in a single environment allowing the stresses that result from dynamic loads induced by motion to be easily calculated. Integration with Matlab/Simulink allows mechanical systems that are controlled by electronic controls to be completely simulated.


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