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Design Simulation Technologies, Inc. Releases New Version of Dynamic Designer Motion for Solid Edge

Dynamic Motion Simulation Integrated with Solid Edge Simulation

(Canton, MI November 22, 2013) – DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.;, announced today the release of Dynamic Designer Motion (DDM) for Solid Edge V10.0 which brings increased integration between DDM and Solid Edge Simulation.

Dynamic Designer Motion for Solid Edge performs Kinematic and Dynamic motion simulation on mechanical assemblies designed in Siemens’ Solid Edge CAD system. DDM is integrated into Solid Edge as an add-on and extends the Solid Edge User interface and simulation capabilities to include Kinematics and Dynamics. These simulations are performed right inside of Solid Edge directly on the Solid Edge parts and assemblies without requiring any data translation.

Dynamic Designer Motion for Solid Edge Version 10 introduces a new capability that allows the dynamic forces calculated by DDM to be directly applied to a Solid Edge Simulation Study thereby allowing the stresses that result from the dynamic loads to be calculated in a seamless and accurate manner.

“One of the biggest challenges for designers of moving parts and assemblies is answering the fundamental questions that determine whether their design is a good one or not,” said Alan Wegienka, President of DST. “DDM allows the performance of a design to be evaluated, answering the question ‘Does it Work?’ and the new integration with Solid Edge Simulation allows the question ‘Will it break?’ to be quickly and easily answered also.”

DDM is available through many Solid Edge resellers around the world. Visit for more information about DDM and to request an evaluation. Contact DST at, or call (800) 766-6615 to find the nearest reseller.

About DST

DST develops physics-based simulation software. The company's products are used by engineering professionals to build and test virtual models of their mechanical designs, and by STEM educators and students in the classroom to teach and learn about physics and engineering kinematics, dynamics, and machine design.

With DST's SimWise 4D, Working Model 2D, and Dynamic Designer products, users evaluate design performance, by conducting complete, accurate simulations. Engineers, professors and students can quickly perform “what-if” analyses, find and correct design problems, plus refine and validate designs without the need for physical prototypes.

Students in high school and college use Interactive Physics, DST's award-winning educational software, to explore and understand the physical world through simulation.

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