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DST Announces SimWise V8.5 64-bit Version

Integrated mechanical Motion and FEA simulation product receives new capabilities

Canton, MI December 4, 2012) – DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.; , a leading provider of affordable and flexible physics based simulation software for the professional and education markets, today announced the availability of SimWise V8.5. This release introduces significant new capabilities for CAD integration and FEA solving along with a 64-bit version of the product. These enhancements will allow all engineers to test, refine and validate their designs without the high cost and complexity of traditional CAE systems.

SimWise complements existing CAD and PLM infrastructure by working directly with product design data and adding simulation specific objects, resulting in a model that provides answers to fundamental engineering questions such as “Does it work?” “Is it optimized?” “Will it break?” Knowing the answer to these questions early in the design cycle allows necessary changes to be made at the most cost effective time without going through expensive and time consuming steps of building a physical prototype, testing it, and redesigning it.

SimWise enables small and large manufacturers to reduce their development time and costs by eliminating physical prototypes until a concept is proven in SimWise. The results are better products and higher profits. SimWise makes it easy for companies whose products contain moving parts and assemblies in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and machinery fields to perform dynamic motion simulation and finite element analysis in a single product at a price that makes it possible to place a copy on every engineer’s desktop.

“SimWise provides simulation capabilities previously available only in high cost products de-signed for use by engineering analysts” said Jeff Arrigotti, DST Director of Sales. “Simulation has its greatest impact when it is used as an integral part of the design cycle allowing more de-sign alternatives to be explored; resulting in better final designs. SimWise has the power and the cost effectiveness to make up-front simulation a reality for all product teams no matter the size.”

New capabilities in SimWise V8.5 include:

  • A 64-bit version that allows large models to be simulated and better utilizes the capabilities of today’s computer hardware.
  • An associative interface with Solid Edge that translates Solid Edge parts, assemblies and assembly constraints to SimWise via Solid Edge add-in. Associative translations via an add-in is also available for SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor.
  • Expanded data translation capabilities. SimWise can read the following data formats; Catia V5, NX, Creo/Elements, SolidWorks, Inventor, ACIS, Parasolids, STEP, IGES, and STL.
  • A new data translation API that allows anyone to transfer part and assembly constraint data to SimWise.
  • • Enhancements to the Finite Element Solver to support normal modes, buckling, and steady state thermal analyses. The solver makes much better use of multi-core processors resulting in a significant decrease in solution times.

About DST

DST develops physics-based simulation software. The company's products are used by engineering professionals to build and test virtual models of their mechanical designs, and by STEM educators and students in the classroom to teach and learn about physics and engineering kinematics, dynamics, and machine design.

With DST's SimWise 4D, Working Model 2D, and Dynamic Designer products, users evaluate design performance, by conducting complete, accurate simulations. Engineers, professors and students can quickly perform “what-if” analyses, find and correct design problems, plus refine and validate designs without the need for physical prototypes.

Students in high school and college use Interactive Physics, DST's award-winning educational software, to explore and understand the physical world through simulation.

DST develops, markets, and supports these software tools for commercial and academic users worldwide. Selected DST products are available from leading CAD suppliers and CAE resellers. Learn more by visiting the DST website at

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