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DST Announces SimWise V9.7

Integrated Motion, FEA and Optimization product receives new capabilities and new Durability Module

(Canton, MI November 30, 2015) – DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.;, a leading provider of affordable and flexible physics based simulation software for the professional and education markets, today announced the availability of SimWise V9.7. This release continues to expand the Optimization, FEA, CAD Integration, and Interoperability capabilities of the product. It also introduces a new module for performing Fatigue Life calculations.

SimWise Durability is an add-on module to SimWise 4D that uses the stress/strain history calculated as part of a combined Motion and FEA analysis to determine the fatigue life of a part.

The FEA capabilities of SimWise have been expanded to include transient thermal and combined thermal-structural analysis.

The material management capabilities have been significantly enhanced to provide support for new properties used by SimWise Durability. Additionally materials can be imported from SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Simulation, SpaceClaim and many other systems who store material data in MATML format. SimWise can also import materials downloaded from MatWeb.

Support for CAD parts and assemblies opened with FILE OPEN have been enhanced to provide better attribute support and a more complete representation of the product structure.

The SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge plug-ins have been enhanced to provide improved performance and more user options to control what information is sent to SimWise.

SimWise delivers 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation tightly coupled with 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Optimization in a single, affordable package integrated with leading CAD systems allowing fundamental engineering questions such as “Does it work?” and “Will it break?” and “How can it be made better?”, and with the release of SimWise Durability, "How long will it last?", to be answered. Knowing the answer to these questions early in the design cycle allows necessary changes to be made at the most cost effective time without going through the expensive and time consuming steps of building a physical prototype, testing it, and redesigning it.

The inherent value in SimWise continues to grow” said Alan Wegienka, DST President. “More capabilities, better integration with CAD systems, and more opportunities to improve your designs. SimWise continues to deliver high end engineering capabilities at a very affordable price.

Major capabilities of SimWise now include:

  • 3D dynamic motion simulation featuring a robust 3D contact capability that allows real-world interactions between moving parts to be simulated.
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) coupled with the motion simulation allowing stresses due to dynamic loading to be quickly calculated. Features such as automatic adaptivity provide high quality results. Normal modes, buckling, steady state and transient thermal and combined thermal-structural analyses are also provided.
  • A Simulink interface that allows control systems modeled in Simulink to be co-simulated with a mechanical system modeled in SimWise.
  • Keyframed animation for producing fly-throughs and other sophisticated visuals that aid in understand how a design is actually functioning.
  • Associative interfaces with SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, SpaceClaim Engineer, and Geomagic Design.
  • Ability to read CAD data from Catia V5, NX, Creo/Elements, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, ACIS, Parasolids, STEP, IGES, and STL.
  • Optimization using results from 3D Dynamic Motion simulation and 3D FEA analyses.
  • Fatigue Life calculations with add-on Durability Module.

About DST

DST develops physics based simulation software. The company's products are used by engineering professionals to build and test virtual models of their mechanical designs, and by STEM educators and students in the classroom to teach and learn about physics and engineering kinematics, dynamics, and machine design.

With DST's SimWise 4D, Working Model 2D, and Dynamic Designer products, users evaluate design performance, by conducting complete, accurate simulations. Engineers, professors and students can quickly perform “what-if” analyses, find and correct design problems, plus refine and validate designs without the need for physical prototypes.

Students in high school and college use Interactive Physics, DST's award-winning educational software, to explore and understand the physical world through simulation.

DST develops, markets, and supports these software tools for commercial and academic users worldwide. Selected DST products are available from leading CAD suppliers and CAE resellers. Learn more by visiting the DST website at


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