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Design Simulation Technologies Releases SimWise 4D

Canton, MI (February 20, 2012) – DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.; of Canton, MI, today announced the release of SimWise 4D mechanical simulation software which provides users with a single simulation tool, integrated with their Windows-based 3D CAD systems, for studying the effects of both motion and stress on their mechanical designs.

SimWise 4D is a proven simulation solution. It was previously known as MSC.visualNastran 4D. DST acquired certain rights to the software’s source code from MSC Software Corporation of Santa Ana. CA. The product has found tens of thousands of users among mechanical engineering students, educators, and professionals. A special upgrade program is available for past and current users of MSC.visualNastran 4D.

The software lets users simulate in 3D, the rigid body dynamics of assemblies, determine design performance, and calculate dynamic stresses induced by motion – all while working with their preferred 3D CAD platform.


With SimWise 4D, users accurately measure the forces, torques, friction, verelocity, and collisions acting upon their mechanical designs. They also determine vibration modes, buckling, and heat transfer. Loads and the resulting stresses on the assembly are automatically calculated. Control systems can be integrated with the mechanical system model.

SimWise 4D also enables users to produce high-quality, physics-based animations for proposals and presentations.

SimWise 4D works is fully associative with the latest versions of popular 3D CAD systems.

Those interested in trying SimWise 4D can download a free evaluation version of the software at An interactive multimedia tour guides users in how to use the software for their simulation and analysis needs.


The SimWise product family consists of:

  • SimWise Motion - 3D Dynamic Motion Simulation
  • SimWise FEA - Linear Static, Normal Modes, Buckling and Steady State Thermal FEA Analysis
  • SimWise Motion - Motion + FEA combined in one integrated product

About DST

DST develops physics-based simulation software. The company’s products are used by engineering professionals to build and test virtual models of their mechanical designs, and by educators and students in the classroom to teach and learn about physics and engineering kinematics, dynamics, and machine design.

With DST’s SimWise 4D, Working Model 2D, and Dynamic Designer products, users evaluate their designs’ performance, conducting complete, accurate simulations. They can quickly perform many “what-if” analyses, find and correct design problems, and refine and validate their designs without the need for physical prototypes.

Students in high school and college use Interactive Physics, DST’s award-winning educational software, to explore and understand the physical world through simulation.

DST develops, markets, and supports these software tools for commercial and academic users worldwide. Selected DST products are available from leading CAD suppliers and CAE resellers. Learn more by visiting the DST website at

More information is available from DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.)

Media Contact:
Alan Wegienka
DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.)


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